Monday, June 24, 2013

Leadership for the Common Good

Go Leadership for the Common Good

GO Leadership for the Common Good

Author: Barbara C. Crosby, John M. Bryson
Type: eBook
Language: English
Released: 2005
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
Page Count: 492
Format: pdf
ISBN-10: 078796753X
ISBN-13: 9780787967536
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Forging the Darksword - Outlawed by the mage-priests of Thimhallen since the Iron Wars, the Ninth Mystery, called Technology, has survived only among society's outcasts until a young man born without magic and a priest who is a catalyst of magical energy form an alliance that shakes their complacent and stagnant world. The authors of the "Dragonlance" series again demonstrate their talent for vivid world-crafting and strong characterization in a novel that will appeal to fans of epic fantasy. Doom of the Darksword - Born without magic, Joram was one of the Dead, denied the throne of Merilon. For years, he lived among outlaws, surviving by wit and sleight-of-hand. Now, wielding the powerful, magic absorbing Darksword, Joram returns to the enchanted Kingdom that once was his home to win revenge and claim his birthright. Here he will test Bishop Vanya and his fierce army of Duuk-tsarith in a battle unlike any their world has known. Joined by the scholarly catalyst Saryon, the young mage Mosiah, and the trickster Simkin, Jorma confronts the shattering secret of his past and discovers the ancient prophecy that puts the fate of the world in his hands-the hands that forged The Darksword. Triumph of the Darksword - Joram and his wife, Gwendolyn, return from beyond the Border to reclaim their rightful place in Merilon. Rejoined by Saryon, Mosiah and Simkin, Joram must confront the evil sorcerer, Menju, and his army of Technologists in a final apocalyptic battle to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the Darksword--to either save the world. Legacy of the Darksword - Weis and Hickman return to the world of the "Darksword" trilogy in this heroic fantasy, which measures up to its predecessors. After the fall of Thimhallan, its people migrated to Earth. Bereft of magic, the evil Technomancers on Earth wanted and feared the new darksword. Believing that it could help defeat the alien invading Hch'nyv, King Garald and General Boris try to convince Saryon to go back to Thimhallan to retrieve the sword.

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